Making Forms Event Smarter

Web forms are a powerful mechanism to engaging site visitors. In part 3 and  part 4, I take you even deeper into what is needed to make Sitecore Web Forms for Marketers even smarter. I’ll show you what’s needed to go from simple form into a smart progressive form, that auto-completes.


Sitecore xProfile data in Web Forms for Marketers

Sitecore owners are always looking for new ways to personalize the visitor experience. In my latest two posts I show you how to use some of that collected data to make it easier for a visitor to take action through Web Forms for Marketer (WFFM) forms on your site. Check it out over on the Paragon Blog…

New Posts Are Coming

Appears the last time I added anything was 3 years ago. I guess one can say it has been a busy three years transitioning from heavey SharePoint work into the magical world of Sitecore Experience Platform.

As part of this transition, I am committing myself to regular blogging over at Paragons blog, The plan is to put the full posts over here, with summary place on this blog for those few readers that might still be visiting.

With that said I’ve already begun a series on using Sitecore Webforms for Marketers and visitor data….so go have a read.