Dig Through the Attic

I was inspired to create the Code Attic as I remember as a kid the excitement my siblings and I had when we were given a chance to explore Grandma and Grandpa’s attic. You never knew what type of treasures and some time strange garbage they might have placed up their.

It may have been stuffy, hot, and had a funny smell, but we always seemed to enjoy the exploration that could be done. And usually came across at least one interesting thing to play with during that visit.

So now that I am older, I feel there should still be an ‘attic’ of sorts to store away my thoughts for later looking and to provide others with that childhood excitement of an attic search, without the smell and heat.

The Code Attic is going to become the attic of my adventures in technology, as a Microsoft SharePoint consultant. The articles and how-to entries will revolve around SharePoint and custom .NET development but may bleed into what ever other technologies I might be learning/working with at the time. My hope is to start giving some back to the crazy realm of the blog-o-sphere that has helped me along the way.

My end goal is to store away something new to The Code Attic every Tuesday and if something real cool or for that matter strange comes along, and extra post might happen.

You can contact me via the comments, try me on twitter #thecodeattic, or drop an email to thecodeattic at gmail dot com.