Sitecore API Native Support for Solr Suggest

This is first in what I'll deem to be a sporadic series on features and functionalities you might not realize exist in Sitecore. With each new release and the move towards 'micro-service' style architecture of the platform, little gems are included, but do not make the bright, shiny headline, this series will work to unveil … Continue reading Sitecore API Native Support for Solr Suggest

PDF iFilter and Sitecore Search

Over the past week I've seen a similar issue arise in two separate channels around PDF iFilter setup for Sitecore indexing. Once was over on the Sitecore Slack Channel while the second was around the Paragon office. The Error The errors experienced where similar dealing with a 'could not compute value for the _content field.' … Continue reading PDF iFilter and Sitecore Search

Solr Setup for Sitecore XP

Solr As we continue through the steps for Sitecore Experience Platform installation, the next thing we must have is Solr. This tries to simplify that process. Background When installing Sitecore 9 for local development or on-premise for your organization Solr is now the only search provider fully supported. Lucene can still be used to support … Continue reading Solr Setup for Sitecore XP