Recommit to fill the void

I’ve been out of the blogging loop for a year now, and feel it is time to recommit to populate all the free space Word Press provides me. Hopefully you, the reader will find something helpful and interesting from the articles I will be posting.

As part of this goal to fill the free space given out, I am hopeful that the process of writing articles will allow me to become more concise and clear in my ability to provide technical details in a simple, fresh manner making me a better consultant, team player, and developer.

The one thing I took from my first year of blogging is that writing articles requires a more intimate understand of the code and the technology supporting the code which can I then translate into simple yet powerful tidbits of insight for everyone else.

So here we go 2012…more simple and powerful article to help the everyday coder and myself.

Let the void filling begin….Scott