Understanding Composite Renderings in SXA Sitecore Experience Accelerator

Naturally every well planned traditional (i.e. non-SXA) should be built on the idea of layers. This begins at the data template level with proper template inheritance setup, that is then followed by a well-planned presentation layer leveraging a combination of structural renderings (some fashion of columns and rows) and content renderings. Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) … Continue reading Understanding Composite Renderings in SXA Sitecore Experience Accelerator

Getting Started with Sitecore Experience Accelerator

For the past two years I've been running a demo site, called the Paragon Coffeehouse. With the official release of Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) 9, I realized it was time for an upgrade. The Coffeehouse site was built on MVC but before Helix was the best practice for Sitecore site development, so I was hesitant … Continue reading Getting Started with Sitecore Experience Accelerator

Helix Project Creation Script

Creating Helix Solutions and Modules with PowerShell Helix is a set of overall design principles and conventions for Sitecore development, put forth by Sitecore in hopes of providing the community a path toward standardized solution development. As noted in the official documentation: Helix provide a set of guidelines for your Sitecore projects. The Habitat example … Continue reading Helix Project Creation Script

The Easier Way to Sitecore XP 9

This article was originally posted in its entirety on the Paragon Blog here: http://www.paragon-inc.com/blog/sitecore-9-install-the-easy-way. You've either arrived because you made it through the full series or a quick google landed you here as you where looking for a quick and easy Sitecore XP 9 install. Most of the following was taken from the Sitecore Installation … Continue reading The Easier Way to Sitecore XP 9

Experience Sitecore XP

Introduction There has been a spattering of blogs out there walking through the installation and setup of Sitecore 9. My series has not deviated much beyond many of these. But I feel if I can write about it, explain it, then can claim a certain level of proficiency. This is the last in the Sitecore … Continue reading Experience Sitecore XP

Solr Setup for Sitecore XP

Solr As we continue through the steps for Sitecore Experience Platform installation, the next thing we must have is Solr. This tries to simplify that process. Background When installing Sitecore 9 for local development or on-premise for your organization Solr is now the only search provider fully supported. Lucene can still be used to support … Continue reading Solr Setup for Sitecore XP

Getting Ready for Security in Sitecore XP 9

Security in Sitecore 9 Experience Cloud The next step towards installing Sitecore Experience Platform 9 is making sure we can easily handle the creation of locally signed certificates. Background Sitecore 9 by default is meant to run as a secure application. To help with managing these new security needs, the good (and smart) people at … Continue reading Getting Ready for Security in Sitecore XP 9

Sitecore Install Framework

Sitecore Installation Framework (SIF) This is the first in my series breaking down the installation of Sitecore Experience Platform 9. I've tried to chunk the required steps, allowing you to take your time moving through the installation. The serires will conclude with how I suceeded in installing everything in 15 steps. Background The Sitecore Install … Continue reading Sitecore Install Framework

Guide Book to Sitecore Reporting

Taking a journey without a good guidebook can be exciting and scary all at the same time. Having looked at the journey our data moves through from collection, squeezing through formatting to arrive at reporting, I thought we should have some more detailed guiding points (the cheap man's guide book) as to what we can … Continue reading Guide Book to Sitecore Reporting

Journey Into the Aggregation Process Part 2

hope you are not feeling to weary just yet, as we embark on the second leg of the Sitecore Experience Platform data journey. In this leg of the journey we will see how the data points go from living in tables into bright, colorful, and insightful tables and charts. Understanding how these tables and charts … Continue reading Journey Into the Aggregation Process Part 2