Helix Project Creation Script

Creating Helix Solutions and Modules with PowerShell Helix is a set of overall design principles and conventions for Sitecore development, put forth by Sitecore in hopes of providing the community a path toward standardized solution development. As noted in the official documentation: Helix provide a set of guidelines for your Sitecore projects. The Habitat example … Continue reading Helix Project Creation Script

The Easier Way to Sitecore XP 9

This article was originally posted in its entirety on the Paragon Blog here: http://www.paragon-inc.com/blog/sitecore-9-install-the-easy-way. You've either arrived because you made it through the full series or a quick google landed you here as you where looking for a quick and easy Sitecore XP 9 install. Most of the following was taken from the Sitecore Installation … Continue reading The Easier Way to Sitecore XP 9

Experience Sitecore XP

Introduction There has been a spattering of blogs out there walking through the installation and setup of Sitecore 9. My series has not deviated much beyond many of these. But I feel if I can write about it, explain it, then can claim a certain level of proficiency. This is the last in the Sitecore … Continue reading Experience Sitecore XP

Cleaning up log messages for Geo IP Location

Starting with Sitecore 8.1 Geo IP lookup services come pre-installed and configured. All a site owner than need to do is log into the App Center and purchase the service. This is great from an implementer standpoint this is great as it's one less configuration step that we have to take. On the downside, if … Continue reading Cleaning up log messages for Geo IP Location

Guide To Creating Dimensions And Filters

Quick Refresher: The customer has asked the Sitecore team to provide additional reporting views using data already being collected by Experience Analytics. (To understand the full request take a look at the first part of the guide.) This post covers the first two steps Create New Dimension Create New Filter Create New Segment Applying the … Continue reading Guide To Creating Dimensions And Filters

Collapse and Expand the Accordion

One click, two click, three click, where is that field? Once a day, I get so lost expanding and collapsing field sections when working in Sitecore's Content Editor interface, that my poor mouse almost takes a unplanned trip across the office. As the industrious Sitecore developer I am, I decided enough was enough. My decision … Continue reading Collapse and Expand the Accordion

Solr and Sitecore Upgrade Cocktail

There is nothing worse than getting half-way to three quarters of the way through a Sitecore upgrade, just to be hit in the face with a strange error related to Solr. In the recent months, my team and I have seen an increase interest in Sitecore upgrades involving Solr implementations. In my latest post Sitecore … Continue reading Solr and Sitecore Upgrade Cocktail