A Side of Microsoft with your Turkey

I figured this week was not a week to miss, as we all need something new to listen to or read during the holidays. It gives you reason to not have to wash the dishes, or keep control of the stereo as you drive to family and friends to celebrate.

Today, is a mixture of links from the Microsoft Broadcaster as well as a few blog articles I have stumbled upon and found useful.

Web Designers vs. Web Developers

This is a hilarious info graphic showing the differences between a web designer and a web developer. Which side do you identify with?

October CU for SharePoint 2010 Rereleased

You may have heard that the October Cumulative Update for SharePoint Server 2010 was pulled because it would not always complete the update process. As of Thursday, November 18, an updated version has been posted. The following blog post from Stefan Gossner (Senior Escalation Engineer for SharePoint and MCMS) has posted about the release. http://blogs.technet.com/b/stefan_gossner/archive/2010/11/18/october-cu-for-sharepoint-2010-has-been-rereleased.aspx

Bridging the Architectural Chasm When Modernizing Legacy Code to .NET

Older technologies and impending shortages of legacy programming skills are driving many organizations to modernize legacy IT applications into newer development environments like Microsoft .NET. A key challenge is to restructure applications to be…

County Government Cuts Costs 91 Percent with Mainframe-to-.NET Migration

The mainframe for the property tax system in Marin County, California, was outdated, expensive to maintain, and tough to integrate with other systems. So, the county migrated its existing COBOL code to an environment running Windows Server…


The Mid Week Microsoft Fix

It is a Wednesday, though late morning I felt it was important to get out the latest collection of links for your reading and listening pleasure. It is always nice to have something new to review during that sluggish Wednesday afternoon. The Microsoft Broadcaster was lacking this week in anything exciting so here are a few links to some articles and blogs which I have found insightful.

Application Lifesycle Management in Microsoft SharePoint 2010

This is a link to a super intense, but very helpful article posted to the Microsoft SharePoint Developer Documentation Team Blog explaining the different approaches and steps to developing for SharePoint 2010. In this article, they explain the different setup options for development, QA/Testing, and deployment. They even explain how SharePoint Designer fits into the application lifecycle and code tracking. The second half of the article gives a detailed explanation of how feature version and solution version can allow for different upgrade and deployment management in a farm. This is a must read for any shop looking to get involved with performing SharePoint customizations. If you read only one thing this week this should be it!

SharePoint in Pictures

I like diagrams and pictures a lot, hence why my How-Tos contain a lot of them. I find it is the fastest way to understand a new complex concept or understand what needs to happen during a step. For this reason I have found the newest Microsoft SharePoint blog, SharePoint in Pictures, fascinating. Every couple of weeks the post a series of diagrams explaining some aspect of SharePoint 2010. These diagrams have been very helpful to me in explaining different SharePoint concept to users.

Tech Ed Europe 2010 SharePoint Videos

I wasn’t at Tech Ed Europe this year, but no fear, a number of the talks have been video d and posted for viewing. This is a link to all of the videos that were associated with Office and SharePoint.

Mid Week Microsoft Fix

Wednesday is here already, which only means one thing can be true. You are reading through the Mid-Week Microsoft fix.

With that mini intro, I’ll let you get to the goods.

Communities in SharePoint Server 2010: How Do I: Using Social Capabilities in SharePoint 2010 (Part 1)

This module concentrates on communities in SharePoint 2010. There are numerous great improvements and enhancements available to utilize in deployments. Understand the new social feedback, social network, user participation, and people and expertise…

Collection 10276: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Application Development

The courses in this collection teach existing ASP.NET developers how to develop solutions on the SharePoint 2010 development platform.

Deep Dive – Microsoft Virtualization Best Practices for SharePoint 2010

Virtualizing business-critical applications can deliver significant customer benefits, including cost savings, enhanced business continuity, and an agile and efficient management solution. In this webcast, we discuss virtualizing Microsoft SharePoint 2010.

Your Mid-Week Microsoft Fix

Welcome to the first mid-week of November. That’s right it is November, before we know it the new year will be upon us. If your company is anything like some of my clients, things really begin to slow down as people are in and out using up their vacation time or sick. Which means project work might not move as quickly as the rest of the year, and provides an excellent period of time to learn about some of the latest technologies as well as to polish our knowledge on already familiar technologies.

With this in mind readers, I would like to make a deal with you, to take some time to learn something new or extend our knowledge between now and January 1, 2011. (Life coaches say the best way to achieve goals is when someone is holding you accountable.)

My goal is to pass Exam 70-667 – Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Configuring (http://www.microsoft.com/learning/en/us/exam.aspx?ID=70-667&locale=en-us). Leave in the comments what your goal is. Maybe it is to read that book on design patterns, pass a certification exam, attend/view some training, or something else.

To give you some thoughts as to what to learn here is this weeks broadcaster links.

Course 10517: Introduction to the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Development Platform

This course introduces existing ASP.NET developers to the SharePoint 2010 development platform.

The course covers the following topics.
– SharePoint 2010 as a Development Platform
– Introducing SharePoint 2010 Object Hierarchy
– Developing SharePoint Solutions by Using Visual Studio 2010
– Packaging and Deploying SharePoint 2010 Solutions

This course prepares you for the exam 70-573: TS: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Application Development.

Course 10518: Developing Web Parts for Accessing Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Data

This course teaches developer how to develop Web Parts that access SharePoint data by using the server-side object model.

The course covers the following topics.
– Creating Standard Web Parts
– Creating Connected Web Parts
– Creating Visual Web Parts
– Working with SharePoint Sites Programmatically

This course prepares you for the exam 70-573: TS: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Application Development.

How Do I: Create Visual Web Parts for SharePoint 2010 in Visual Studio 2010?

Visual Web Parts allow developers to build Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Web Parts using a design surface in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. This allows for drag and drop of user controls from the Toolbox to build the visual web part’s user interface.

Core Architecture of SharePoint 2010: How Do I: Understanding SharePoint 2010 Topology (Part 1)

This module concentrates on the key architectural changes in SharePoint 2010. We’ll cover the different topology options available and also the changes in the service application architecture. There are also new capabilities available for business…

Your Mid-Week Microsoft Fix

It’s hump day, and what better way to make it through the mid week point then to engage in a little mid-week education.

Before we get to this weeks links, let me point out that the Microsoft Professional Developer conference will be starting on Thursday, October 28 on the Microsoft Campus in Redmond. If your October schedule is as busy as mine, getting to Redmond wasn’t an option, we are in luck. They will be live web casting all of the sessions. You can check it out at Microsoft PDC.

And now back to your mid-week fix.

Course 10522: Developing Rich User Interfaces for Microsoft SharePoint 2010

This course teaches developers how to develop solutions that use the new user interface platforms for SharePoint 2010.

The course covers the following topics.
– Building Ribbon Controls and Custom Actions
– Developing on the Dialog Platform
– Developing Silverlight Applications by Using the Client Object Model
– Deploying and Debugging Silverlight Applications for SharePoint 2010

This course prepares you for the exam 70-573: TS: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Application Development.

Course 10521: Developing Solutions Using the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Client Object Model

This course teaches developers how to develop solutions that use the new client object model provided by SharePoint 2010.

The course covers the following topics.
– Overview of the SharePoint 2010 Client Object Model
– Types of Solutions that Can Use the SharePoint 2010 Client Object Model
– Remote Client Types
– Working with the Client Object Model for .NET Applications

This course prepares you for the exam 70-573: TS: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Application Development.

Upgrading to SharePoint 2010: How Do I: Preparing to Upgrade to SharePoint 2010 (Part 2)

This module concentrates on upgrade considerations. What are the practices and actions to perform when you upgrade your previous SharePoint versions to SharePoint 2010. Understand different methods and practices to follow before the actual upgrade is…

Your Mid-Week Microsoft Fix

Sorry to all those who look forward to some lunch time reading each week. Last week, was just one of those weeks were anything you wanted to do just kept getting shuffled further down the queue. In the process of compiling this weeks links, I decided for a name change to “Your Mid-Week Microsoft Fix”. I hope you like the name change, I’m not sold on it yet, so if you have any suggestions leave them in the comments..

So without any further ado…here is this week’s Mid-Week Microsoft Fix.

Security in SharePoint 2010: How Do I: Use the New SharePoint 2010 Security Model (Part 1)

This module concentrates on the security aspects in SharePoint 2010. We’ll concentrate on securing the deployment and also to new claims based authentication option. Learn about the new claims-based identity model available in SharePoint 2010. Presented

How Do I: Create a Business Data Connectivity Model for SharePoint 2010 Using Visual Studio 2010?

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 provides a project type that enables developers to build Business Data Connectivity (BDC) Models that produce Microsoft .NET connectivity assemblies for Business Connectivity Services (BCS) in Microsoft SharePoint 2010.

TechNet Radio: Security with SharePoint 2010

In this session we spend time with Microsoft Certified Master and SharePoint Ranger Bryan Porter to discuss security with SharePoint 2010, its various implementations, and supporting technologies that help to ensure your data remains secure and protected

Your Mid-Week Microsoft Dump

This weeks dump is mostly some new courses now available from Microsoft and a pretty good looking podcast about PowerShell and .NET development.

Course 50468A: SharePoint 2010 End User – Level I

This 3-day Instructor Led course Explores all the basic end user features of SharePoint 2010 including all basic lists and sites.

Course 50468A: SharePoint 2010 End User – Level I

This 3-day Instructor Led course Explores all the basic end user features of SharePoint 2010 including all basic lists and sites.

Course 50470A: Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 for the Site Owner/Power User

This two-day instructor-led course is designed for the site owner/”power user” of a SharePoint site who needs to know how to create sites and lists, manage user access and customize lists and pages. This class uses the SharePoint Server 2010 version of SharePoint. While it is of equal value for users of SharePoint Foundation, it does include a few features not found in Foundation.

geekSpeak: PowerShell for .NET Developers with Doug Finke

In this episode of geekSpeak, Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Doug Finke takes us on a deep dive into PowerShell from a developer’s point of view. Doug shows techniques for integrating/debugging PowerShell from and to C# code as well as using