Sitecore Experience Analytics Quick Start

One of the awesome selling points of Sitecore Experience Manager is the vast amount of data that can fairly easily be collected on site visitors. The information can be used to trigger engagement plans, site personalization, etc.…to help the visitor feel a connection to your organization. When giving a demo, I always get the most ooohs and ahhhs when showing of the Experience Analytics Dashboard and the Experience Profiles, but behind all that flash is some serious data complexity and planning that is required.


My first post in a series exploring Experience Analytics is ready for your exploration,


Your Mid-Week Microsoft Dump

As promised, here is a collection of cool links to Microsoft content thanks to the Microsoft Broadcaster.

Good reading and listening!

Course 50429A: SharePoint 2010 Business Intelligence

This 5-day instructor-led course teaches you how to use SharePoint as your platform for Business Intelligence. Journey through the SharePoint Business Intelligence Center, Excel Services, Reporting Services, Analysis Service, Performance Point and PowerPivot to implement your BI Strategies and enable your decision makers to see data in new and dynamic ways! This course will take you down a path of building a BI environment from scratch to full interactive dashboards using the Microsoft BI Stack….

Breakthroughs in Social Networking, Search and Collaboration with SharePoint 2010, Exchange 2010, Office 2010 and Visio 2010

In the fast-paced, ever-changing world of business, enterprise collaboration is no longer just an afterthought it is a fundamental business capability that forms a foundational part of any company’s IT strategy. Collaborative processes play a part in almost…

Clinic 10277: What\’s New in Microsoft SharePoint 2010 for Developers

This two-hour clinic describes various new features and enhancements that Microsoft SharePoint 2010 provides developers. It describes how you can create and deploy SharePoint 2010 solutions using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. It also describes how you can develop remote clients for SharePoint 2010 and develop SharePoint 2010 solutions that incorporate data from external line-of-business applications.

How Do I: Correctly Terminate Multithreaded .NET Compact Framework Applications?

Create a managed multithreaded application for Windows Mobile Devices using the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework, and create and use multiple threads inside that application. Join Maarten Struys as he demonstrates this and, more importantly, shows you…

geekSpeak: Business Intelligence for the .NET Framework Developer with Andrew Brust

In this episode of geekSpeak, Microsoft regional director Andrew Brust answers the question: “Why should developers care about business intelligence?” Andrew gives an overview of Microsoft business intelligence (BI) and discusses why BI is advantageous…