Experience Sitecore XP

Introduction There has been a spattering of blogs out there walking through the installation and setup of Sitecore 9. My series has not deviated much beyond many of these. But I feel if I can write about it, explain it, then can claim a certain level of proficiency. This is the last in the Sitecore … Continue reading Experience Sitecore XP

Getting Ready for Security in Sitecore XP 9

Security in Sitecore 9 Experience Cloud The next step towards installing Sitecore Experience Platform 9 is making sure we can easily handle the creation of locally signed certificates. Background Sitecore 9 by default is meant to run as a secure application. To help with managing these new security needs, the good (and smart) people at … Continue reading Getting Ready for Security in Sitecore XP 9

Sitecore Install Framework

Sitecore Installation Framework (SIF) This is the first in my series breaking down the installation of Sitecore Experience Platform 9. I've tried to chunk the required steps, allowing you to take your time moving through the installation. The serires will conclude with how I suceeded in installing everything in 15 steps. Background The Sitecore Install … Continue reading Sitecore Install Framework

A Master Key to Your Content

Once in a while I find myself in a situation where workflow hasn't been completed but users have begun content entry or cleanup. Normally these users also have not been setup as site admins, but with some level of custom accesses. This causes the editors to spend time dealing with locking and unlocking items for … Continue reading A Master Key to Your Content

Planning for Cache in Sitecore

This is a follow-up to my Unofficial Sitecore Planning Checklist, where I try to consolidate as much information as I can find on Sitecore's built in caching. One of the easiest ways to improve a visitor's perceived impression of any website visit is through a well-tuned cache. A cache which has been properly tuned will … Continue reading Planning for Cache in Sitecore

How to plan for performance

Recently I had the opportunity to sit through a series of management courses. One of the main focuses was how to provide an environment to help motivate your team members and increase performance. In parallel to these courses I was working with a client to define the steps required to properly secure and architect a … Continue reading How to plan for performance

Cleaning up log messages for Geo IP Location

Starting with Sitecore 8.1 Geo IP lookup services come pre-installed and configured. All a site owner than need to do is log into the App Center and purchase the service. This is great from an implementer standpoint this is great as it's one less configuration step that we have to take. On the downside, if … Continue reading Cleaning up log messages for Geo IP Location