All Together Now

This is the final part in my series on how to load users and groups into Active Directory (AD) using the magical powers found in PowerShell. ‘All Together Now’ is combining the different commands that have been reviewed in the earlier parts and how to load the users and group details from an XML file. … Continue reading All Together Now

Time to Populate

This is part 3 of 4 in generating a script to populate users and groups in Active Directory. Part 3 is all about populating the groups generated with users. The first two parts are: Part 1 Adding Users to AD Via PowerShell Part 2 Making the Perfect Group Step 0 – Import the Active Directory … Continue reading Time to Populate

Adding Users To AD Via PowerShell

A lot of people I am sure have written about PowerShell scripts to add new users and then automate the whole process. Many of these I have found revolve around the very nice Quest Software cmdlets, but I wanted to understand the inner workings plus generate a full script that will load users and group … Continue reading Adding Users To AD Via PowerShell