Learning Commerce at #SitecoreSym 2018

Only a couple of weeks to go, until #SitecoreSym kicks off in Orlando. As you make your final travel arrangements, and think through the best approach to getting the most out of your time in Orlando. I wanted to provide one more handpicked session guide. This final guide is focused Sitecore Experience Commerce users or … Continue reading Learning Commerce at #SitecoreSym 2018

#SitecoreSym 2018 for a Data Centric Mind

One of the unique propositions Sitecore makes is its capability to collect large amounts of data into a centralized area for reporting, and through this reporting allow you and your team to make the best decisions. In this guide I've chosen sessions that are specific to either configuring Sitecore for better data collection or demonstrate … Continue reading #SitecoreSym 2018 for a Data Centric Mind

What to attend for as marketer at Sitecore Symposium 2018

Below you will find my recommendations for an attendee who has more of an interest in the marketing capabilities of Sitecore, those looking to elevate their customers experience.  The sessions in this guide lean towards how to apply Sitecore to elevate your marketing experience. As with all the guides, sessions have been chosen based on … Continue reading What to attend for as marketer at Sitecore Symposium 2018

Architecting the Perfect #SitecoreSym Session Selection

Handpicked session guide is targeting those that split their time in the development world while still needing to work really close with the business. The audience here are what I refer to as 'Sitecore Architect or Leads', someone that has the development experience to understand and recommend the proper steps for a successful Sitecore implementation. … Continue reading Architecting the Perfect #SitecoreSym Session Selection

#SitecoreSym 2018 Guide to a Perfect Developer Experience

Continuing my session guides for #SitecoreSym attendees, this one is for all those developers or developer at heart. The following sessions are what I would be recommending to my development team as must attend sessions to get the best and most useful information from a week packed with awesomeness. There is still time to register for … Continue reading #SitecoreSym 2018 Guide to a Perfect Developer Experience