Your guide to binge watching #SitecoreSym 2021 On-Demand videos

Couch + six-pack + a hedgie (or two) + hours of awesome #SitecoreSym content seems like an excellent way to welcome autumn weather! On-demand videos are available until November 7, giving you plenty of time to get through all 77 or so sessions of rich content. But that is a lot of sessions to sort through and determine a starting point, and that’s why you’re here reading.

In no particular order here are my top 15 picks for Sitecore Symposium 2021 Binge Watching.

Taking OrderCloud worldwide: How to handle globalized e-commerce at scale

The number of companies selling globally is growing rapidly, but there is a lot to consider when starting to sell cross-region. How will you handle currencies? How will you handle the different tax rules? How do you ensure your shoppers get the same great performance in each region? In this session, we’ll take you through how you can handle globalization with Sitecore’s OrderCloud, ensuring that you can deliver the same world-leading experience in every region.


Rob Earlam, Senior Developer Advocate, Sitecore

Christian Ramirez-Hernandez, Senior Manager, Commerce Development, Sitecore


This one has drawn my attention for two reasons. First, an opportunity to further understand one of the new Sitecore offering in OrderCloud. Second, commerice is an important part of a many companies’ sites.

Sitecore Commerce Roadmap: Making Connections for Customers

Get up to speed on the current state of Sitecore Commerce (OrderCloud) and the ecosystem of commerce capabilities that we’re building. Attendees will walk away with an understanding of the roles that Boxever, Moosend, and others have in enabling commerce and a better buyer experience.


Jacob Hookom, VP, Commerce, Sitecore


This will be on of the first sessions I’ll be watching to provide some deeper understanding of what OrderCloud provides over the traditional Experience Commerce product.

Render here, render there, render everywhere

Web development is a complicated space. There are so many decisions to make: rendering options, frameworks, languages, etc. Let’s break down these complications and focus on the rendering options: Server-Side Rendering (SSR), Client-Side Rendering (CSR), and Static Site Generation (SSG). You’ll learn about SEO, delivering fast maintainable sites, and how each option aligns with your architecture.


Thomas Desmond, Developer Advocate, Sitecore USA Inc


Headless is key to the future of fast and personalized sites, but a technology set I am slow in comming up to speed on. Looking forward to this session in helping to refocus my learning and grow some understanding of the alphabet soup of options.

Privacy hot takes: (No more) cookies, building trust, and maximizing your first-party data advantage

Hot take! Marketers are facing a privacy landscape with deeper crosscurrents than ever. 85% of consumers wish there were more companies they could trust with their data and 76% consider sharing data a “necessary evil.” With customers becoming increasingly empowered and educated with respect to their data, a first-party data strategy is more important than ever. In this session, we’ll explore opportunities for brands to approach the data value exchange with transparency and integrity to build trust with their audiences, and how Sitecore can help simplify and maximize this data advantage.


Amanda Shiga, Product Strategy, Sitecore

Jacqueline Baxter, Senior Digital Strategist, Sitecore USA Inc


Looking at ways to better understand site visitors so that the proper message can be shown at the proper time is key to successfully creating unforgettable experiences. Doing that without cookie reliance feels like a win for everyone, visitor, and organization.

Our vision for experience and personalization

The leader of the Sitecore product pillar for experience and connectors presents an overview of the strategy that Sitecore is putting in place for personalization. Learn about use cases that we plan to cover and how we’ll iterate toward these capabilities.


Eoin Doyle, Senior Manager, Product, Sitecore


This will be a great session hopefully showing the connection between the recent acquisitions and the existing prodcut line and what we can expect moving forard in the personalization space.

Our vision for content management

Join us for an overview of the product strategy for how Sitecore will continue to deliver world-class content solutions, from digital asset management to content operations to the future of hybrid headless content management.


Roger Connolly, VP Product Management, Sitecore


Another key session no helping to better understand the roadmap laid out by Dave O’Flanagan in the Wednedsay Gerneal Session.

Transforming the Sitecore search experience the easy way – and why analytics are key

In this dynamic session, Luke Williams, head of Digital Experience at Australian Catholic University, shares how he has taken ACU’s search game to the next level, how he leverages deep search analytics to tune the experience, the business drivers behind the project, and its implementation. Luke’s talk includes a substantial behind-the-scenes tour of the technology he uses to analyze search, derive insight from the data, and then tune the search experience in real time – all to delight visitors. This session will be moderated by SearchStax.


Luke Williams, Digital Experience Head, Australian Catholic University


Search is always critical to rich information sites. Understanding how others are doing it well is always inspirational.

Get started with Sitecore CDP today

Curious to see how you can leverage the Sitecore Customer Data Platform today? Join this session if you would like to know more on how to get started with Sitecore CDP right away. Follow Mark on his journey in implementing Sitecore CDP on a “static” website.


Mark van Aalst, Senior Developer Advocate, Sitecore


This feels like the most natural to watch after watching Amanda’s and Jacqueline’s presentation on firsty-party data. (For those not clear, this will be demonstration of the Boxever acquisition.)

From Azure Web Apps to Sitecore on AKS

Sitecore is shifting toward a container-first approach, migrating from an Azure App Services Cloud architecture to a more universal recommended cloud infrastructure. While running on K8s adds the possibility of running on the platform of your choice, for Azure-oriented customers and DevOps teams, this transition logically means migrating from Azure Web Apps to running Sitecore on AKS. In this session, we will zoom in on this transition and explain the new CI/CD process from an Azure perspective.


Rob Habraken, CTO, We Are You BV


Another awesome techonology static I need to deepen my knowledge on, looking forward to going through this one.

Developing for the modern Sitecore with Horizon and SXA

“Difficult to use.” “Takes too long.” Do these sentiments from your business stakeholders sound familiar? Are you upgrading to v10 but still developing the same way you were in v8? In v10.1, Sitecore combined Horizon and SXA to create the content editor’s dream! In this session designed for developers, we will teach you how to create sites, pages, and components, while utilizing the styling, layouts, simulators, and analytics controls that deliver on that dream with the best of Horizon and SXA.


Jaina Baumgartner, Director/Manager, RDA Corporation

Dylan Young, RDA Corporation


I am a huge advocate for SXA as well as Horizon as an editing interface start with 10.1. I look forward to this engaging session put on by two excellent MVPs.

Cookiepocalypse: 5 reasons why you need a CDP

As cookies disappear from the internet, companies must turn to first-party customer data, which gives you ownership over collected information and allows you to personalize content to optimize user journeys. A customer data platform (CDP) that can collect data and unify information across channels and gives you the ability to activate that data for real-time customer engagement. In the evolving martech landscape, a CDP is no longer just a nice-to-have, but an essential part of how marketers work.


Kristian von Magius, Senior Marketing Consultant, Sitecore


Look at that, another session with insight on CDPs and the lack of cookies in the future of web browsers.

Approaching the edge: Pathways to headless and the Sitecore composable stack

A year of social and physical distancing has really heightened expectations for quality digital experiences. The pace of digital evolution is leaping yet again, with consumers demanding more, faster, and richer experiences. In this session, we’ll examine how to leverage transformational technologies like Sitecore’s Experience Edge, Headless SDKs, and composable SaaS technologies, to craft an ecosystem that delivers those experiences with lower TCO and faster time to value.


Eric Stoll, Chief Executive Officer, Arke Systems

Andy Uzick, VP, Martech Innovation, Arke Systems


Seeing all the pieces and parts of headless and composable DXP talked about is one thing, but a session that gives a little guidance to using it should be on everyone must watch list.

A developer’s look into Sitecore Experience Edge

Sitecore Experience Edge has been in the market for many months now. But what does it take to get started on this new SaaS offering? How can I leverage this new platform as a developer? Where does it fit into my existing toolbox?These are the questions we aim to answer in this presentation, where we take a developer’s look into the new platform. We will explore the various APIs and learn how and when to use each one.


Alistair Deneys, System Architect, Sitecore


Expereice Edge is new, and exciting! Some deep technical information will be great to understand what it is important to sites and the future of Sitecore.

Save time and money with stateful Sitecore deployments to Kubernetes using a true gitops workflow

“Push code, not containers.” Software and infrastructure go hand-in-hand, so why not treat them alike? Learn how to describe your entire desired state in git, which enables you to deploy, update and heal your environments at a glance, and in a fully automated way. Using this practice, it is easy to create and delete entire environments to test out your feature branches within minutes, which saves you time and money in the end.


Bas Lijten, Architect, Achmea Interne Diensten NV


Everytime I am able to automate a little more in devops the more excited I get. This is a fasincating one to see beyond the documentation how ‘infrastructure’ can be deployed to.

Activating massive omnichannel personalization without breaking a sweat

Delivering consistent omnichannel personalized experiences can become costly if the right tools, framework, and processes are not in place. Join us, as we take you on a journey from start to finish through the process of setting up intelligent content for personalization at scale with Content Hub and personalize it using Sitecore XP and Boxever across various digital channels. What used to be the promise-land is now a reality, and it’s easier than you think.


Vasiliy Fomichev, IT, Altudo


Another excellent looking session on how to get the most out of Sitecore CDP (i.e., Boxever), and the advantage this gives over the traditional Sitecore tools.

I have only scratched the surface of all the excellent session that will be on-demand but hopefully this gives a little guidance on where to start you Sitecore Symposium 2021 binge.

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