Business focused SitecoreSym 2020 Sessions

This final guide to Sitecore Symposium 2020 will list out the sessions that demonstrate how Sitecore can enhance your business and keep you competing at the highest level possible.

Day 1 – Tuesday, October 27, 2020

10:00 AM to 10:15 AM (Central) | General session: Sitecore business update with CEO Steve Tzikakis
Steve Tzikakis, Sitecore CEO
Hear from the new CEO, and find-out where Sitecore is heading.
Reason to Watch: The open sessions are important to get good feel for what the rest of the week is going to be.
10:15 AM to 10:35 AM (Central) | General session: Marketing in every moment
Paige O’Neill, Sitecore CMO
For years, marketers have focused on key points in the customer journey – from when they start to explore to when they buy and when they leave feedback. But in a digital experience economy where more curious and demanding customers can get exactly what they want – instantly and effortlessly – every time a customer comes into contact with your business is a pivotal moment to show that you understand and can respond to their needs and aspirations. During her Symposium keynote, Paige will reveal how the emotions and feelings that customers take away from each moment to the next are what matters most, and how leading brands are creating enduring memories to win their customers’ time, attention, and loyalty.
Reason to Watch: The open sessions are important to get good feel for what the rest of the week is going to be.
10:45 AM to 11:15 AM (Central) | General session: Creating digital moments that matter (Guest keynote)
Dan Heath, Author and Entreprenur
Some experiences are vastly more memorable and meaningful than others, such as a moment of extraordinary service that a customer can’t stop talking about. Everywhere you look, businesses are now trying to craft memorable digital experiences. But these discussions have been dominated by a focus on fixing problems (what Dan calls “filling pits”), rather than creating memorable experiences (“raising peaks”). So, how do you build those digital peaks? Drawing from his book “The Power of Moments”, Heath will reveal the four elements that create defining moments so you can be the authors of moments that spark delight, connection, and insight.
Reason to Watch: The opening guest speaker always has a way to get everyone excited and inspired to start the week off on the right-foot.
12:35 PM to 01:00 PM | The Road to Product Innovation
Desta Price, EVP Product Management, Sitecore
Tom De Ridder, Chief Technology Officer, Sitecore
In this highly informative keynote, Sitecore Executive VP of Product Management Desta Price and CTO Tom De Ridder will provide updates on the latest and upcoming product releases from Sitecore, as well as provide a glimpse into our long-term vision focused on Sitecore’s industry leading innovation. The keynote is only available to All-Access passholders.
Reason to Watch: Building on the latest release of Sitecore and Content Hub, to understand what the roadmap to staying on the cutting edge will look like, you’ll hear from two awesome members of the Sitecore executive board. Get the details straight fromm the horse’s mouth.
01:30 PM to 02:00 PM (Central) | Supercharge your product content
Roger Connolly,Sr. Director, Product, Sitecore
Learn more about how to use Sitecore Content Hub to manage your product content creation processes in a way that accelerates time-to-market of consistent, accurate product content across all of your channels.
Reason to Watch: As I work with different clients, the amount of content being generated throughout the organization can be vast, and in many cases could be better re-leveraged, saving time for teams as well as solidifying branding to the customer. Content Hub has the possibilities in bring some order to all this chaos.
02:05 PM to 2:35 PM (Central) | From cost center to revenue center: The enterprise path to digital ROI
Dave Michela, VP Digital Solutions, Horizontal Digital
Eric Wagner, VP Digital Marketing, Cushman & Wakefield
Digital transformation means a lot of things, but ultimately it’s about delivering measurable, attributable return on digital investments. Learn how one of the world’s largest commercial real estate firms leapfrogged the competition by capitalizing on the power of digital experience. Cushman & Wakefield VP of Digital, Eric Wagner, joins Horizontal’s VP of Digital Solutions, Dave Michela, in a review of their experience-forward solution built around Sitecore and Salesforce technologies.
Reason to Watch: Spending all week listening and learning from great speakers, you will be looking for how to build the business case to your higher-ups why these new ideas should be tried. Hearing a first hand account of how to quantify results will be a critical part of that sell.
03:00 PM to 03:30 PM (Central) | Content as a Service: A preview
Alistair Deneys, System Architect, Sitecore
Andy Cohen, System Architect, Sitecore
The upcoming Content as a Service (CaaS) features build on the strengths of Content Hub, allowing customers to leverage their data (assets, content, products, etc.) as on-demand atomic content to power experiences built for any digital channel. Join System Architects from Sitecore, Andy Cohen and Alistair Deneys, as they explore these upcoming features, showing how to publish to the delivery platform and use the preview and delivery APIs from custom sites and services.
Reason to Watch: The first day of sessions is not quite done, but you may be seeing the trend that content is playing a prominent role this year. Why? Because without a good handel on the organizations content its hard to express anything to your customers.

Day 2 – Wednesday, October 28, 2020

10:00 AM to 10:25 AM (Central) | Creating the ultimate moment: A panel with Sitecore Ultimate Experience Award winners
Paige O’Neill, CMO, Sitecore
Paige O’Neill, will lead an interactive panel with the 2020 Sitecore Ultimate Experience Award winners, sharing how they shaped their impactful brand experiences.
Reason to Watch: Kick-off the second day celebrating how Sitecore has made a difference in organizations through the Ultimate Experience Awards.
10:30 AM to 10:50 AM (Central) | Customer Showcases
Paige O’Neill, CMO, Sitecore
Learn how top Sitecore customers have created successful moments that make experiences.
Reason to Watch: Hearing how other organizations have faced the same (or similar) problems as you and are where able to overcome them with great success can help you tackle that next big challenge in this unusual times.
11:00 AM to 11:25 AM (Central) | General session: Building the CMO-CIO Partnership
Paige O’Neill, CMO, Sitecore
CMOs and CIOs often feel divided by different objectives. But working together as strategic business partners is crucial to customer experience success, and those who don’t risk failing in the digital landscape. Join this roundtable session for a discussion about how Marketing and IT can bridge their cultural and communication gaps to serve fast-changing customer needs and drive bottom-line results.
Reason to Watch: Getting IT and Marketing on the same page, allows both groups to work at their best, while providing the organization increased efficiency and ROI. This should be an excellent discussion on the merits of moving your organization this way.
11:25 AM to 11:45 AM (Central) | Customer Showcases
Be inspired and learn more from some of the best Sitecore experiences out there.
12:05 PM to 12:35 PM (Central) | Data privacy and Sitecore
Rob Habraken, CTO, We are you
Data privacy is a hot topic, and the GDPR enforces conscious use of your visitors’ data. Sitecore hands you tools like the Right to be Forgotten functionality, but this alone isn’t enough to get a thorough understanding of what happens in Sitecore and what you need to control. This session is a deep dive into how to cope with visitor consent and data storage in different ways across all Sitecore functionally, from Sitecore xDB to Sitecore Forms.
Reason to Watch: The more business that is managed digitally, the more important it is to to ensure the trust of the customer through being the best custodians of their data. I’m looking forward to insights on how to continue to ensure proper handling and respect from customer data is achievable with Sitecore.
12:40 to 01:10 PM (Central) | Sitecore AI Lite
Marcos Guimaraes, Chief Data Scientist, Sitecore
Nancy Lee, Principal Product Manager, Sitecore
Get a first look at the lite version of Auto-Personalization AI from Sitecore AI, which accelerates personalization from ground zero on Sitecore 10 for digital marketers. Auto-Personalization Lite takes care of the heavy data analysis work and supercharges the power of Sitecore 10 by serving 1:1 personalization out of the box to end users with simple steps to let companies achieve marketing goals fast and strengthen their digital presences.
Reason to Watch: One of the hardest parts of a Sitecore build, is getting the plans in place to start taking advantage of the martech features, the new AI Lite option provides a path to shortening that delay.
01:30 PM to 02:00 PM (Central) | Beyond rules-based personalization in healthcare
Sean Tubridy, Marketing Technologist, UPMC
Susan Hill, Senior Manager, UPMC
Personalization is a widely sought-after tool in today’s digital world. UPMC implemented a Sitecore Marketing Control Panel structure to go beyond rules-based personalization and begin using profiling and context marketing to reach specific audiences at scale, while still adhering to HIPAA laws and privacy regulations. With the help of Sitecore’s SBOS team, UPMC developed an engagement value scale, identified key audience segments, implemented custom goals, and launched optimization tests.
Reason to Watch: This maybe about a healthcare organization, but lessons learn will apply everywhere, healthcare being tightly regulated getting personalization right without offense is a master skill to have.
02:15 PM to 02:45 PM (Central) | Building an effective martech stack for a changing world
Rusty Warner, VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester
The age of the customer demands customer-focused business transformation. But when it comes to delivering contextually relevant experiences in the moments that matter to their customers, Marketing and IT leaders must navigate a vast, complex, and rapidly changing technology landscape. At the same time, businesses are under increasing pressure to drive more value in less time from every piece of marketing technology. In this session, you’ll learn about the critical components of an effective martech stack and how to build your own moments-based martech ecosystem that is aligned to key marketing and business outcomes and optimizes costs and efficiency. This session is only available to All-Access registrants.
Reason to Watch: In a foggy econonmy to hear directly from the analyst on what the future my shift can be a mixture of peace as well as fear.
02:45 PM to 03:30 PM (Central) | Failing Up: How to Take Risks, Aim Higher, and Never Stop Learning
Leslie Odom Jr., Tony and Grammy Award-Winning Performer
In the featured keynote, which will include a singing performance and a Q&A with Sitecore CMO Paige O’Neill, Leslie will share his life lessons on following your passions, discovering your own potential, and surrounding yourself with the right people. He’ll explain how “failing up” will empower you to make their dreams come true, even when it seems impossible. This session is only available to All-Access registrants.
Reason to Watch: Not sure how I feel about a Paige singing performance, but her interview skills will be excellent as we learn how to ‘fail up’ with Leslie Odom, Jr.

Day 3 – Thursday, October 29. 2020

No need to wake up early today. The third day of symposium is all about you, and the ability to create your own session schedule from an exciting list of pre-recorded, on-demand sessions.

Building an intelligent content engine
Jacqueline Baxter, Senior Digital Strategist, Sitecore
Content powers so many marketing efforts, but it’s predicted to be marketing’s biggest bottleneck in the next few years. There’s never been a better time to invest in content that is relevant and honest, and that resonates with the audience. In this session, we will cover methods of streamlining content production, structuring assets for maximum impact and reuse, and most importantly, building relationships through narrative and brand consistency.
Reason to Watch: Experiences can only be created if the content that is served hits the right mark. The steps to getting there aren’t always the clearest, through this session we should understand ways to simplify the content creation process to better address organizational needs.
The perfect blend of design and tech: Smart web app solutions on Sitecore
John Zohoranacky, Senior Manager – Internet, Rust-Oleum
Jonathan Price, Sitecore Practice Manager,
At the core of any successful digital project is that perfect blend of design and technical components. For Rust-Oleum, its Wall Paint Application achieved that perfect blend. Join us to discover how we leveraged experience design with Sitecore to architect a solution that is user-friendly and intuitive, and allows for scalable growth. You’ll also see how an integration with local retailer Menards enabled users to checkout and purchase the paint selected seamlessly through the app.
Reason to Watch: Innovated ideas in leveraging Sitecore’s capabilities, are a great way to get excited and re-engage with your existing installation (or take a new build) in an unexpected direction.
Leveraging external data services to get more out of Sitecore personalization
Erica Stockwell-Alpert, Developer, Velir
Any data that your site has access to can be used to personalize content. External data service integrations provide additional information about your users, beyond what you have access to out-of-the-box. These services can be used to create more personalization options and provide highly targeted content. Join us to learn how to personalize content to target users at specific companies, such as preferred clients or known competitors; and how to target based on company demographics, such as size or revenue.
Reason to Watch: Always a fan of seeing data integrated into Sitecore, and its always more exciting when that data can even help drive that crowning jewel of personalization and conversions.
Google Analytics and Sitecore Experience Analytics: On your marks, get set, ANALYZE
David Ruckman,Senior Consultant, RDA
Jaina Baumgartner, Digital Strategist, RDA
Do you have both Google and Sitecore Analytics, and are you wondering about the purposes of each, how to create a consistent report, or connect them for processes like personalization? Or maybe you just spend time reviewing two sets of data that remain siloed. In three rounds of a Great British Bake Off-style competition, this session will dive into differences and similarities, when to use which tool, how to connect them together using GTM, and ultimately, demonstrate the ROI of your analytics stack.
Reason to Watch: A top that has always been close to me, how to use GA vs Sitecore and wher do the two meet to play. Its always fun to see how others have solved this conundrum.
Employee experience: A case study for building an engaging intranet with Sitecore
Bhavik Patel, CEO,SymSoft Solutions, LLC
Bianca Sievers,Policy Advisor to the Director,CA Department of Water Resources
Kevin See, Deputy CIO, California Department of Water Resources
Your employee experience matters just as much as your customer experience. It leads to better employee engagement, satisfaction and job retention. The Intranet is part of that experience. Join us to learn about the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) intranet, called “Blue,” which was focused on delivering a great employee experience. Understand the tactics that can be used to create engagement for an intranet, as well as technical solutions that provide the features employees need.
Reason to Watch: Intranets are growing in importance as the workforce has decentralized over the past few months, its interesting to see how business can reawaken and refresh theirs.

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