Sitecore Virtual Develpoper Day 2020

On March 18th, 2020, Sitecore will be hosting their 3rd annual Virtual Developer Day.

This is a chance for the Sitecore community to virtually come together to learn and interact. Watching a mixture of live and pre-recorded videos from MVPs and Sitecore employees.

You can find the listing of presenters at Click your region at the bottom to register or follow the links below:

Here’s what the schedule looks like, I strongly encourage you attend the 12:15 lunch session on Universal Tracker (wink, wink, I hear the speaker is a great guy).

09:00 AMSXA and Old Good Sitecore Tricks by Paul Urban, EPAM Front End Developer

09:35 AMDemystifying Accessibility by Angela Wolak, Durable Digital Front End Developer

10:15 AMSXA Rendering Variants in Powerful Ways by Ishraq Al Fataftah, ApplezTech Front End Developer

11:20 AMHorizon – New Editing Experience in Sitecore by Alexey Vaschenko, Sitecore Back End Developer

11:40 AM10 Common Sitecore Architecture Pitfalls by David San Filippo, Perficient Back End Developer

12:15 PMUniversal Tracker and the Quest for (external) Data by Scott Gillis, Paragon Consulting Back End Developer

01:00 PMGetting to Know Sitecore Identity by George Chang, Perficient DevOps Engineer

01:25 PMThe Containerized Mind by Stephen Pope, Sitecore DevOps Engineer

02:15 PMFrom Desktop to Cloud Using Sitecore TDS by Charles Turano, Sitecore DevOps Engineer

03:15 PMAutomating Your Commerce Messaging by Ben Burns and Søren Kerrn, Sitecore Marketing Technologist

04:00 PMGetting Your Technical Team Involved in Your Marketing Transformation by Dylan Young, Ignium Digital Marketing Technologist

I am always looking for new audiences to share this presentation and others, reach out if you have a user group or organization gathering you need help with.

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