Creating The Dashboard

In the post Creating Meaningful Dimensions, we walked through what was needed to aggregate our data for reporting. In this post, I will address getting that data onto the screen for the business to reference. Setting up new dashboards can only be done via Sitecore Rocks (a user can leverage either the desktop or Visual … Continue reading Creating The Dashboard

Creating Meaningful Dimensions

Beyond just adding new segment overlays to existing tables and charts, Sitecore provides a way for us to create our own 'report pages'. The custom page can have any mix of tables, charts, and other display elements that help clarify how the website is behaving to achieve organizational goals. In addition to just creating new … Continue reading Creating Meaningful Dimensions

Deciphering the Contact List Puzzle

Sitecore Experience's List Management tool provides a lot of options to create complex lists of contacts for emails, personalization, and automated engagement plans. Before you start creating hundreds of lists from old spreadsheets, let's review the basics of how Sitecore List Management works and the puzzle pieces at your disposal to build-out a maintainable list … Continue reading Deciphering the Contact List Puzzle

MTA Configuration In Sitecore

Email Experience Manager (EXM), formerly Email Campaign Manager (ECM), is a key toolset in completing the engagement cycle with site visitors. A properly managed email campaign will allow you to further engage your site visitors after they have left visiting the site. By leveraging Sitecore to manage this, you a) cut out requirements to purchase … Continue reading MTA Configuration In Sitecore