Debunking Sitecore Configuration Files

One-hundred and forty and counting configuration files, so much power to customize, extend and tweak Sitecore. This is the daily struggle for a Sitecore developer or admin to guess what or where something should happen,  in my latest post I debunk how all these files work together.

Watch Your Upgrade Steps

Anyone that has done a Sitecore upgrade knows that a bottle of aspirin and a six-pack are some of the unwritten steps involved. To help you enjoy that six-pack a little more than the aspirin be sure to read my latest writing a Watching Your Upgrade Steps, which includes some helpful tips that only experience, … Continue reading Watch Your Upgrade Steps

Sitecore xProfile data in Web Forms for Marketers

Sitecore owners are always looking for new ways to personalize the visitor experience. In my latest two posts I show you how to use some of that collected data to make it easier for a visitor to take action through Web Forms for Marketer (WFFM) forms on your site. Check it out over on the … Continue reading Sitecore xProfile data in Web Forms for Marketers