Debunking Sitecore Configuration Files

One-hundred and forty and counting configuration files, so much power to customize, extend and tweak Sitecore. This is the daily struggle for a Sitecore developer or admin to guess what or where something should happen,  in my latest post I debunk how all these files work together.


Watch Your Upgrade Steps

Anyone that has done a Sitecore upgrade knows that a bottle of aspirin and a six-pack are some of the unwritten steps involved. To help you enjoy that six-pack a little more than the aspirin be sure to read my latest writing a Watching Your Upgrade Steps, which includes some helpful tips that only experience, late nights, and headaches can produce.

Making Forms Event Smarter

Web forms are a powerful mechanism to engaging site visitors. In part 3 and  part 4, I take you even deeper into what is needed to make Sitecore Web Forms for Marketers even smarter. I’ll show you what’s needed to go from simple form into a smart progressive form, that auto-completes.

Sitecore xProfile data in Web Forms for Marketers

Sitecore owners are always looking for new ways to personalize the visitor experience. In my latest two posts I show you how to use some of that collected data to make it easier for a visitor to take action through Web Forms for Marketer (WFFM) forms on your site. Check it out over on the Paragon Blog…