The Mid Week Microsoft Fix

It is a Wednesday, though late morning I felt it was important to get out the latest collection of links for your reading and listening pleasure. It is always nice to have something new to review during that sluggish Wednesday afternoon. The Microsoft Broadcaster was lacking this week in anything exciting so here are a few links to some articles and blogs which I have found insightful.

Application Lifesycle Management in Microsoft SharePoint 2010

This is a link to a super intense, but very helpful article posted to the Microsoft SharePoint Developer Documentation Team Blog explaining the different approaches and steps to developing for SharePoint 2010. In this article, they explain the different setup options for development, QA/Testing, and deployment. They even explain how SharePoint Designer fits into the application lifecycle and code tracking. The second half of the article gives a detailed explanation of how feature version and solution version can allow for different upgrade and deployment management in a farm. This is a must read for any shop looking to get involved with performing SharePoint customizations. If you read only one thing this week this should be it!

SharePoint in Pictures

I like diagrams and pictures a lot, hence why my How-Tos contain a lot of them. I find it is the fastest way to understand a new complex concept or understand what needs to happen during a step. For this reason I have found the newest Microsoft SharePoint blog, SharePoint in Pictures, fascinating. Every couple of weeks the post a series of diagrams explaining some aspect of SharePoint 2010. These diagrams have been very helpful to me in explaining different SharePoint concept to users.

Tech Ed Europe 2010 SharePoint Videos

I wasn’t at Tech Ed Europe this year, but no fear, a number of the talks have been video d and posted for viewing. This is a link to all of the videos that were associated with Office and SharePoint.


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