Adding Users To AD Via PowerShell

A lot of people I am sure have written about PowerShell scripts to add new users and then automate the whole process. Many of these I have found revolve around the very nice Quest Software cmdlets, but I wanted to understand the inner workings plus generate a full script that will load users and group … Continue reading Adding Users To AD Via PowerShell

Your Mid-Week Microsoft Fix

It's hump day, and what better way to make it through the mid week point then to engage in a little mid-week education. Before we get to this weeks links, let me point out that the Microsoft Professional Developer conference will be starting on Thursday, October 28 on the Microsoft Campus in Redmond. If your … Continue reading Your Mid-Week Microsoft Fix

I just want to add a user

Working on generating some virtual development environments that run local for testing and presentations, and was in need of generating some test user accounts. So off to PowerShell I went, there will be a upcoming series on this just you wait. As I started creating new users I received the message the simple couple letter … Continue reading I just want to add a user

Your Mid-Week Microsoft Fix

Here is your scheduled dose of some Microsoft goodness, to keep you in tune to some of the newest options to listen and read. Without further ado, here we go. Security in SharePoint 2010: How Do I: Use the New SharePoint 2010 Security Model (Part 2) - Claims-Based Identity Model This module concentrates on the … Continue reading Your Mid-Week Microsoft Fix

Your Mid-Week Microsoft Fix

Sorry to all those who look forward to some lunch time reading each week. Last week, was just one of those weeks were anything you wanted to do just kept getting shuffled further down the queue. In the process of compiling this weeks links, I decided for a name change to "Your Mid-Week Microsoft Fix". … Continue reading Your Mid-Week Microsoft Fix