Microsoft Broadcaster

Microsoft Broadcaster

The other day I was poking around the Microsoft’s site for certified professionals and came across a new public service they are testing out. It is a cross between an RSS feed and a magazine subscription.
You select the general technologies as well as specific Microsoft products you wish to get information about, it then generates a list of new and old media regarding these filter values. The list of media options you can get is quite long and includes articles and case studies all the way to virtual labs and web casts. It is a really nice mash up to see some of the content that Microsoft puts out but you might not ever discover.

Right now signup is by invite only, you fill out a little application and they either accept or deny. You can apply at

My goal is once a week to post a collection of the most unusual as well as most beneficial feeds that come across my broadcaster filters to you. I give my couple cents worth if I have had the time to fully review the material, but many will be posted based on the intro provided.

So here we go:

Bytes by TechNet: John Campbell and Harold Wong on how SharePoint 2010 can help Excel users avoid spreadsheet chaos

Excel Services is a service application that enables you to load, calculate, and display Microsoft Excel workbooks on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. Join Harold Wong as he interviews John Campbell, program manager with the Excel Services team for Micr…

Learning Plan for Developing Solutions on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010

This learning plan is intended to help IT professionals and developers learn how to develop solutions by using Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010.
Scott’s Comments: I have reviewed this one, and plan on making use of it myself. It provides articles and training coursed in a given order to help you achieve knowledge to develop for SharePoint. I’ll post again with a review of how it did or did not work in ramping me up.

SQL Server 2008 R2: Upgrading SQL Server Business Intelligence Components

Unless you are dealing with a totally new Microsoft SQL Server installation, the upgrade process is clearly an important part of the installation story. In this webcast, we explain what you need to consider when upgrading to Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R

Clinic 10279: What’s New in Microsoft SharePoint 2010 for IT Professionals

This two-hour clinic describes the various benefits that Microsoft SharePoint 2010 offers IT Pros. It describes improvements to the user interface, including the ribbon and enhanced Central Administration console. It also describes features that help you monitor your SharePoint site, such as large list resource throttling, Unattached Content Database Recovery, and the SharePoint Health Analyzer.


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