ASP.NET Security Patch

Last week I cross-posted, about a security flaw in ASP.NET which could allow an attacker to get access to files on the server. Microsoft has announced an out-of-band patch for this on Tuesday, September 28, 2010. Here is the blog post from the Microsoft SharePoint Team blog with details and links. x-post from the Microsoft … Continue reading ASP.NET Security Patch

Your Mid-Week Microsoft Dump

This weeks dump is mostly some new courses now available from Microsoft and a pretty good looking podcast about PowerShell and .NET development. Course 50468A: SharePoint 2010 End User - Level I This 3-day Instructor Led course Explores all the basic end user features of SharePoint 2010 including all basic lists and sites. Course 50468A: … Continue reading Your Mid-Week Microsoft Dump

Big Security Hole for SharePoint Servers

You may have already read this somewhere out there, it is making the rounds across the Twitter-phere, blogs, and news. But I felt it would be important to post, or I should say re-post the issue. Executive Summary from Vulnerability in ASP.NET Could Allow Information Disclosure ( Microsoft is investigating a new public report of … Continue reading Big Security Hole for SharePoint Servers

Your Mid-Week Microsoft Dump

As promised, here is a collection of cool links to Microsoft content thanks to the Microsoft Broadcaster. Good reading and listening! Course 50429A: SharePoint 2010 Business Intelligence This 5-day instructor-led course teaches you how to use SharePoint as your platform for Business Intelligence. Journey through the SharePoint Business Intelligence Center, Excel Services, Reporting Services, Analysis … Continue reading Your Mid-Week Microsoft Dump

Microsoft Broadcaster

Microsoft Broadcaster The other day I was poking around the Microsoft's site for certified professionals and came across a new public service they are testing out. It is a cross between an RSS feed and a magazine subscription. You select the general technologies as well as specific Microsoft products you wish to get information about, … Continue reading Microsoft Broadcaster