#Sitecore Headless Setup Configuration Steps

At this point in the setup process there is a handful of manual steps to be taken. (With some further investigation these -could be- should be accomplished via some wiring up in the dotnet template creation process, but that is another article.) Docker Related Updates The first update that needs to be performed is ensuring … Continue reading #Sitecore Headless Setup Configuration Steps

Guide to #Sitecore Headless Setup

Before we can start to explore the different aspects to Sitecore Headless Services, we need to get ourselves an environment. Because this is Sitecore we are dealing with the number of steps maybe a little higher than when working with other CMS, but this is part of the fact with Sitecore's hybrid approach to headless … Continue reading Guide to #Sitecore Headless Setup

Flyover of #Sitecore Headless Services

About a year ago, I began investigating a little around the ideas surrounding headless CMS. I attempted to layout some of the basic theories as I understood them in my article Exploring Headless CMS. After reviewing it again a year later, most of it holds up as a great resource still with some great looking … Continue reading Flyover of #Sitecore Headless Services

Adding Secure Bindings to IIS

Back in 2018, I wrote an article that showed a PowerShell script that leveraged the Sitecore Fundamentals module to create and add self-signed certificates to an IIS web application. This solution was functional but was limited in that the IIS Web Application had to be the name of the URL to have a SSL certificate … Continue reading Adding Secure Bindings to IIS

Deploying and Running a Site

Over the past twelve articles, I have tried to cover the basics as well as a few advance elements to the Next.js framework, this is not a comprehensive look at everything Next.js adds to React, but enough to allow you to be successful in getting started and developing or maintaining a site. The last piece … Continue reading Deploying and Running a Site

Taking advantage of Image Optimization in Next.js

Just like for styles, JavaScript, and fonts, Next.js has built in optimizations to the image tag, <img>, via an import of next/image. Nothing requires a page or component to use the Next.js extended element, but by doing so you miss out on the following performance optimizations: Improved Performance: Always serve correctly sized image for each … Continue reading Taking advantage of Image Optimization in Next.js

General Link Scriban Extension for SXA

In the past few weeks, I have had almost the same conversations on how to manipulate the HTML around a General Link field within a Scriban template. Thus, to save having to repeat myself and for future reference I figured it was time to write-something up. I have recently written a quick article that walks … Continue reading General Link Scriban Extension for SXA

Adding a splash of style to Next.js Sites

As my lovely wife will confirm, combining patterns, colors, and layouts stronger areas of expertise. Even so that does not give me a pass to not understand how to make things look pretty for the web, it just means it takes me a little longer than others to get things to look right. Up to … Continue reading Adding a splash of style to Next.js Sites

Creating Scriban Extensions for #Sitecore

Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) 9.3 included a new way for creating rendering variants, through the usage of an HTML templating language called Scriban. This option has continued through the most recent releases of SXA as a very efficient way to provide rendering variants to editors. Sitecore provides a number of functions that allow server-side/code-behind logic … Continue reading Creating Scriban Extensions for #Sitecore

Running on the Edge with Help from Middleware

Normally when thinking of a website the flow of is something like: User requests page Request hits the CDN If content exists return Else Call to server to render the page Page is built and returned to user and is cached for next request Up to this point my investigation of Next.js and React has … Continue reading Running on the Edge with Help from Middleware