Your guide to binge watching #SitecoreSym 2021 On-Demand videos

Couch + six-pack + a hedgie (or two) + hours of awesome #SitecoreSym content seems like an excellent way to welcome autumn weather! On-demand videos are available until November 7, giving you plenty of time to get through all 77 or so sessions of rich content. But that is a lot of sessions to sort … Continue reading Your guide to binge watching #SitecoreSym 2021 On-Demand videos

#SitecoreSym 2021 Feature Session Guide

Sadly, once again we will not be able to gather in a single location for a few days of learning and exploring Sitecore on October 5th and 6th. On the brightside, there is no registration fee to get access to all the excellent content that has been created ( or is still in the finishing … Continue reading #SitecoreSym 2021 Feature Session Guide

Automate Sitecore Based Images with ACR Tasks

In my last article I walked through the basics of ACR Tasks. As a quick recap, ACR Tasks is a set of features which provide cloud-based image building for images based on Linux, Windows, and ARM without having to install the docker engine (and Docker Desktop) locally. Images are built and pushed to the registry … Continue reading Automate Sitecore Based Images with ACR Tasks

A look at ACR Tasks

After some major headaches with a Docker Desktop update causing a uninstall and reinstall, which resulted in all my local images being deleted I realized I need to get a system in place to ensure everything I need is always in my cloud-based registry for easy re-pull instead of hours of building before I can … Continue reading A look at ACR Tasks

#Sitecore Horizon now part of TheCodeAttic.Sitecore.DockerTemplates

Over the weekend I release version 1.2.0 of my dotnet CLI new templates for Sitecore Docker containers. In this new release I have added base image files to support Sitecore Horizon as well as minor updates to the run template to provide the option to include Horizon as part of the service set. You can … Continue reading #Sitecore Horizon now part of TheCodeAttic.Sitecore.DockerTemplates

Sitecore Helix dotnet CLI Templates

After exploring how to create a dotnet CLI new template for Sitecore docker projects, it seemed only natural a similar thing could be created to help support Sitecore Helix solutions. Thus I have created and published two Helix related templates to NuGet called TheCodeAttic.Sitecore.HelixTemplates. There exists two templates as part of the package. The first, … Continue reading Sitecore Helix dotnet CLI Templates

dotnet CLI Templates for #Sitecore and docker

As I have been diving into leveraging docker for my Sitecore development, I have been seeking how to reduce the amount of work my team members must take to they themselves getting up and running. (One of the main ideas is the simplification of standing up an environment.) In my experimenting and learning, I found … Continue reading dotnet CLI Templates for #Sitecore and docker

Climb through Docker Image Layers

The first thing that comes to most people's mind when they hear the word 'layers' is a beautifully iced multi-tiered cake...for me I prefer the messier looking trifle. Before proceeding I want to quickly recap, some of the technical terms that are important to this investigation. A docker image (or image) is a read-only template … Continue reading Climb through Docker Image Layers

Quick Start to the #Sitecore CLI

I promise to get back to my docker and headless investigations soon, but as i work through all the new things that have hit the ground with Sitecore 10 and 10.1, I wanted to capture my notes and thoughts before they escaped. Which is what brought me to reviewing the new Sitecore Serialization, and its … Continue reading Quick Start to the #Sitecore CLI

Resolving error with a custom database on Sitecore SQL Container

Note: The following is in relations to Sitecore 10.0 base-images. I have not tested against the latest (at time of writing) Sitecore 10.1 images but presume if you get the same or similar error message the steps should resolve the issue for you. As I work to get myself up to speed on the magical … Continue reading Resolving error with a custom database on Sitecore SQL Container