Get an MVC View as a String

I have had this snippet of code for a couple of years now, and use it pretty regularly on sites. After my most recent project, I realized this is the type of code snippet that should be out in the attic for longterm storage. So what is this gem of snippet....a handful of lines of … Continue reading Get an MVC View as a String


From Design to SXA

As I have explored Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA), it has become apparent to me that some of the traditional planning and design I led my clients and team through for a build needed to shift to allow the site to take advantage of the best that SXA has to offer. Which results in a better … Continue reading From Design to SXA

#SitecoreSym Session Guide for Healthcare

This years guides #SitecoreSym sessions guides targeted specific roles within an organization New Developer, The Seasoned Pro, The Markerter. In this guide, I am going to shift into a little bit more of a mix audience of marketers, content authors, and developers, looking at an industry vertical that I have been deeply involved with since … Continue reading #SitecoreSym Session Guide for Healthcare

Session Guide to #SitecoreSym for Marketers

Determining the strategy of an organization to combine Human Connections in a Digital World, is a mixture of properly themed content served up in a measurable way. As you may or may not know is that the Sitecore Experience Platform is built to help you achieve this and continue the connection once you find the … Continue reading Session Guide to #SitecoreSym for Marketers

#SitecoreSym Session Curation For the Seasoned Dev

Human connections are best made in person. The community that has developed around Sitecore in the digital space is great. Depending on where you live a in-person community is a little trickier to find. (Might be time for you to start that user group finally..hint..hint.) #SitecoreSym is one of the best places to connect and … Continue reading #SitecoreSym Session Curation For the Seasoned Dev

Architecting a Master Site with SXA

Introduction Because of some of the built-in features of SXA there are some new opportunities in how you can structure some of your information architecture (IA). I warn that the following may seem overly complex for smaller sites, and this would be an accurate observation. This is the thought pattern I am leveraging for a … Continue reading Architecting a Master Site with SXA

#SitecoreSym for a New Developer

"Human Connections in a Digital World", is the leading theme for this year’s Sitecore Symposium, being held November 4 to 7 in (hopefully) sunny Orlando, FL. As I have started making my preparations for making human connections in Orlando, I thought it would be fitting to once again provide a Sitecore MVPs guide of sessions … Continue reading #SitecoreSym for a New Developer